well come up here almost in passing to begin flight does not exist dizzy let's not jump into the void took off from a grass slope. And we don’t fly with a north wind and fog and a brief explanation of 'sufficient                                               2/3 steps, and we are in flight                                                                                 The helmet, gloves are available,                                                  important high boots                                                                              ballerinas and loafers flip flops are not allowed!.                jeans and a jacket  that keeps the wind                                                        a certain level of fitness to walk up to the maximum take-off 10-minutes be able to do, 2/3 running steps to take off and land no matter how weights.                                                                         my maximum passenger weighed 140kg and flew without problems.                                                                                                                             even age is not so  important.                                                                           From 8 to 86 years  has been the age limit for passengers  who  have  flown with me.                                                                                                            a great gift idea for birthdays, anniversaries, stag or hen parties.                                                                                                                                    give a voucher  to fly or bring the celebrated  to take off with any excuse and then "surprise" WE FLY !!!                                                            Send me an email and then we arrange the flight