Happy landindg in my website


Tu semplice passeggero ed io pilota. 

Il tuo compito é di fare alcuni passi per decollare e per atterrare, 

non saltiamo nel vuoto ma da un pendio.

Alla sera nel tuo letto ti chiederai: ho volato o ho sognato di volare?Tu semplice passeggero ed io pilota. 


Have you ever dreamed of flying?

Finally your dream becomes reality. Come fly with me the excitement of true freedom for a walk in the clouds.Anyone with no age limit’s just with a minimum of physical condition you can come a jacket that keeps the wind well and start a boot….you fly away. The maximum of freedom with the outmost security


You and I simply passenger pilot.

And it is your job to do some steps to take off and land, but let’s not jump in to the void from a slope a night in your bed you ask, I flew or dreaming of flying???

The most amazing gift idea!Flight_Voucher.html